"I am a Registered Nurse and the mother of 3 children. I have known Irene now for nearly 2 years as she has been doing fortnightly home visits for my son’s global developmental delays, from having Down Syndrome.


I would describe Irene as having a solid academic background in the field of Physiotherapy as well as in Child’Space and Feldenkrais Methods. She is always punctual, honest, diligent, dependable and hard working with my son, producing results.


I will never forget the time (not long after Irene had started working with my son) when she told me that the next time she see’s my son he will be rolling over and sitting up by himself, and he was. This was the first of many predictions that Irene has made about my son’s progress at each treatment session, and in each case this progress has occurred for him. These results have been achieved by the work that Irene does during one to one treatment sessions.


I totally believe that part of the reason why my son is doing so well is because of the methods Irene uses. I also believe that these methods are of a kind that most of us would not and could not understand or have any knowledge of, but they produce great outcomes in your child’s developments and that, in itself, is something that is so valuable.


I have no hesitation at all in recommending Irene and feel very blessed that we have her on board for our son’s journey, in assisting him to develop to his best potential."


Marianne Gresch


"Irene's gentle and encouraging methods have unlocked areas of my son’s brain, areas that his disability affect that hold him back from movement. Since seeing Irene weekly my baby has become confidently mobile, ensuring that his brain and body are working well together, resulting in beautiful fluent physical development. His disability no longer holds him back".


Kind regards, Danielle Podeau


"Our son Jack, received a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy when he was a baby and at 8 months old we decided to try Child'Space with Irene Campbell.  Irene is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work which shows in her sessions with Jack.  Jack loves attending his one on one sessions each week and the improvements we have seen and still see in his development have been incredibly encouraging.  We have never regretted our decision to use Child' Space as Jack's main form of therapy - even over Paediatric physiotherapy. We couldn't be happier. "


Skye and Clint