• Individualised assessment covers learning the history of the baby/child and the parent’s/caregiver’s concerns. Observation and analysis of motor skills, movement patterns, developmental stage and social interaction takes place followed by discussion and explanation of how the Child’Space Method approach will benefit and assist their development and learning experience.
  • Individualised treatments and lessons are carried out on a one to one basis addressing the specific needs identified at the first session. Assessment is ongoing at each subsequent session. Parents/caregivers will be instructed in techniques of touch and movement which they will be encouraged to do at home between sessions. Questions that arise will be addressed to provide guidance and to give reassurance.
  • Small group sessions may be arranged for 3 to 4 participants at approximately the same developmental stage.
  • Home visits - local sessions are carried out in my home office situated 6 kms from the Adelaide CBD, or in the privacy of your own home.             
  • Interstate intensive sessions are carried out over a 4 to 5 day period, usually twice each day, to maximise learning potential